We’re Off… Helping you bring your project home

Compliance is often seen as a necessary evil and an obstacle in the way of getting a new idea off the ground. This is a perception which the Compliance Department are all to aware is widespread amongst their colleagues within other departments.

Compliance Week, a week long campaign of workshops and events aimed to highlight and change this perception, by addressing the difficulties faced on the road to project completion and how compliance could become an asset and friend not foe.

Drawing on the analogy of Dorothy’s journey along the yellow brick road, Oui3 developed a theme and narrative around a project journey, what obstacles could be met along the way and who would be there to help you choose the correct path to compliant project completion.

The campaign narrative was developed into a story telling presentation which was given to staff during Compliance Week, with a handy booklet staff could refer to which addressed some compliance issues which may be faced and who in the team to contact for more information.