This is a demo page to illustrate the WordPress drive Plugin for 3D models – for non iOS users (mobile) and PC/Mac viewers.

Through the plugin you can:

  • click to RUN/STOP rotation;
  • click and hold to DRAG;
  • doubleclick to zoom fit;
  • mousewheel / two fingers spread or squish zooming
  • left click / one finger orbit
  • right click / three fingers swipe panning
  • full screen option

If you have an iOS device with iOS 11 or greater, please try the AR demo to the right. Alternatively the 3D model demo is available below:

The solution DOES NOT require any APP. It will automatically save the file onto your iOS device (within Files) and then open through your camera. You can either view in real world (placing the object on surfaces) using AR view or OBJECT view, to access the model on a whiet backdrop. Through both options you can interact with the models (scale & rotate) but the AR offers much more engagement, including light sources.

Click here to view on either iPhone or iPad