Terms and conditions

  1. Free labelling and communication review is only valid in conjunction with the commission of design, branding, events or exhibition services from Oui3 Design limited. A contract for work must be agreed before the review can be completed. If the client(s)* decides not to commission Oui3 Design Limited to complete a service as stipulated above, the client(s) agrees to pay the full hourly rate value of the review.


  1. The packaging review and the advice given, is not legally binding. Oui3 Design Limited will not accept responsibility if the client(s) is penalised in any way, by any authority for any non-compliant element of their food labelling or communications as reviewed by Oui3 Design Limited. This includes reputational damage or any cost incurred due to non-compliance.


  1. By accepting these terms and condition the client(s) takes full responsibility for ensuring that the information provided, internal processes and information held in accordance with FIR is accurate and up to date. At no time will it be the legal or moral responsibility of Oui3 Design Limited to check that the information provided by the client(s) is accurate and up to date.


  1. The information given during the review process is advice based on industry training, industry expertise and experience. The client(s) is not obliged to take the information and advice provided as Oui3 Design Limited.


*Client(s) refers to any person or organisation contacting Oui3 Design Limited regarding any services. A person or organisation for the purpose of this offer becomes a client from the initial discussion with any Oui3 Design Limited representative.