Student Placement – Scott’s Experience

Student Placement – Scott’s Experience

As a student, you have to hope for a good placement, somewhere you can learn and develop your skills and hopefully have an enjoyable experience. I have to say, I am very happy I secured a placement at Oui3, an experience which provided all of these elements.

I had, unknowingly, been exposed to a lot of Oui3’s work before starting my placement, recognising many of the projects on their website and the clients they work with. This made the idea I could actively learn from the Oui3 team exciting and I was really looking forward to experiencing life in a Brand Communication agency.

My first impressions of the team and the agency provided a good indicator of how my placement would be, I settled in quickly on my first day and was immediately taken for a briefing with the Head of Design. I was given a project to work on during my placement, a live brief, which was something we had not done at university.

I had to come up with ideas and concept designs for an advertising campaign, which was really enjoyable. I felt like part of the team and it provided me with an understanding of what it was like to work to client requirements and within brand guidelines. The agency is extremely busy, so as well as this project, I was given other small tasks to complete and was able to contribute to other projects.

The staff at Oui3 were different from what I had expected. They are a small, tight-knit group of individuals which seems to really benefit the team. As a smaller agency, they are able to work closely and collaboratively across different client projects, continuously sharing ideas. This interaction helped me to settle into the team, enabling me to become part of this working practice and make the most of my experience.

I have learned a lot from my placement and feel I have been able to apply and develop the skills I learned through my studies. It has been really useful to get experience of working in a Brand Communication agency, seeing how different it is from the work we do at university. I feel that my placement at Oui3 has helped to prepare for me for the first steps in my career after university.