Student Placement – Jake’s Experience

Student Placement – Jake’s Experience

Four months ago I found myself in a tricky situation, finalising my portfolio with a placement in mind, whilst preparing my kit for climbing Mt. Huashan during my student exchange in China. Two months later, I found out that I had secured a place at Oui3. After returning from my studies in China and travelling around Vietnam and Cambodia, I was itching to get started.

As a student graphic designer, my passion has been primarily focused on print and the production of tangible products. Finding out that I was going to a Brand Communication Agency which designs a wide range of flexible and other packaging solutions as well as marketing, advertising, branding, events, exhibitions and digital, was extremely exciting.

On my first day, I was welcomed by everyone in the agency and I knew this was going to be a fun and exciting environment to work in. I immediately had a meeting with Head of Design (Derek) who talked me through my first project brief, to created packaging layups for flexible packaging. This was part of a larger project, to develope an online resource and tool for the sales and production team at Uni Packaging, which the Oui3 team had already completed. It was my task to create the documents which would be contained within it.

The project allowed me to gain an understanding of the basic flexible packaging cutters, the options and how this effected the design possibilities. It also gave me insight into the type of information required by the production team which would be useful after my studies and provided tips for creating an Interactive pdf documents which meant only certain aspects were editable.

I was also involved in other live client projects during my first week, working with the team to develop concepts for attracting students to a sporting event as well as a branding project. Being involved in live projects and thinking about the clients needs and aspirations was such a valuable experience.

During my second week, I was able to work on another advertising project aimed at students. I also helped to generate a name and brand for a medical distribution company. This was the most interesting part of the placement as it allowed me to see how the team worked through the creative process right at the start of a company’s existence. The identity had to be tightly linked with the client’s core values, generating the name took far longer than I had expected, as we had to revisit and refine the choices made a few times before we were happy with it. Working with the team, we develop a name and visual representation of the company, providing a new company identity. This experience and exposure to raw creative thinking and critique for a live project really got my brain going. I think it will prove very useful in the coming months when starting final year university design projects

Overall, I have loved every minute of my placement and really do wish I could stay longer. I would be able to learn so much. However, even the short placement at Oui3 has been very helpful in developing my creative thinking, refining my skills and provided insight into the real world of design.

I would like to thank everyone at Oui3 for making my two week placement a thoroughly enjoyable and a very useful learning experience.