Student Placement – Ellis’ Experience

Student Placement – Ellis’ Experience

Before going back to university for my final year, I knew it was vital for me to experience what it is actually like to work in a studio, so the chance to do a two-week placement at Oui3 was a fantastic opportunity for me, that I was very much looking forward to.

On my first day I was welcomed in by the team and asked to help with a live brief. It was great to be able to work alongside others, receiving opinions on your work, and giving opinions on other peoples work. I also enjoyed the process of going back and forth with the client on what changes they would like to see, and designing to the specifications that a client supplies. The staff asked me what I normally like to work on and gave me briefs that specifically related to that so they could give me pointers in how to progress with the type of design that I enjoy doing.

I then went onto work on some more creative speculative/proposal briefs where I was able to come up with ideas from scratch. Having to present my new ideas to the team allowed me to gain confidence in presenting and talking about the work I have produced & they encouraged me to push my ideas to their full potential.

Being at Oui3 has had a fantastic impact on me as a designer; The team gave me many tips and tricks to help me in the design process. And some of the briefs allowed me to try out different programmes and techniques from what I would normally use. The fact that the team is made up of only four people was really interesting, and I think it made the design process less of a weight on one persons shoulders as ideas are constantly being bounced off of each other

The two weeks were a great experience; I got a great insight into what professional designers do on a day-to-day basis, and had a fantastic time doing it. The team made me feel at home within minutes of being there and that certainly aided how easy I found it to work there. I was given a good range of briefs to work on which progressed my confidence in each of the areas and I look forward to using the skills I have gained whilst at Oui3 in the future.

Thanks again to the team at Oui3 for welcoming me into your studio for the past two weeks.