Student Placement – Bethany’s Experience

Student Placement – Bethany’s Experience

I wanted to gain some practical experience of working in a studio before I entered fourth year at university. I was extremely excited when Oui3 invited me to do a placement in their studio due to their range of projects. I was interested in their different outcomes as they cover many platforms.

My first brief, a food packaging design, was from a live client. It was interesting to work with restrictions and guidelines. As Oui3 cover many platforms, I was also asked to come up with interactive ideas for the client’s social media pages. I enjoyed coming up with fun ideas and learning about the different ways to get people involved. The staff at Oui3 gave me really helpful feedback and encouraged me to develop my designs even further.

Everyone was very friendly and made sure I felt comfortable enough to ask any questions or for advice. This especially helped while I was creating an animation for a social media page as I learned how to give the animations a sleeker finish. Although I have used Adobe After Effects before, the brief made me try different techniques and become more confident in using the program.

Throughout my time at Oui3, I was given a few smaller tasks to help complete for clients. I really enjoyed these jobs as they made me feel involved with the team. They also gave me more practical experience in working with guidelines and to a timescale. The team also involved me in putting initial ideas forward for different projects and in the group feedback sessions, which I found very helpful.

I feel extremely lucky to have been given the experience of working at Oui3 and have really enjoyed my time at the studio. I have learned new skills and gained more confidence that I can take forward into fourth year and beyond. My placement has given me a real insight into working with a team of designers. I would love to work with such an exciting and creative studio in the future.

Thank you to everyone at Oui3 for being so helpful and encouraging.