Seeing events differently

Seeing events differently

For our multinational client Johnson and Johnson, training meetings provide a perfect opportunity to bring together their regional sales teams from vast regions to provide essential training on new products and motivate them for the year ahead.

For many years, we have been working with various regional teams to help deliver dynamic, motivating and unforgettable events at such an essential in the company’s calendar.

This year, the MISSA regions annual training meeting took place in Casablanca, Morrocco. A two day event with speakers, training, team building, awards and a Gala Dinner all with the intention of inspiring and motivating the team to embrace the future proofing changes and achieve the regions goals for 2015.
Oui3 worked in partnership with the management team to designed, manufactured and delivered the event branding, communications, stage and venue setting and AV and as part of our added value service, we also provided a record of the event proceedings for the delegate through photography, and film.

Event brand creative concepts and delivery

One of our main, initial responsibilities was to create and develop the theme for the event. Based loosely on an internal intuitive, the branding was developed to make it unique to the regional team. We aimed to represent the diverse range of countries and regions covered by the Johnson and Johnson MISSA team in a vibrant, dynamic device with the title Seeing Differently, Moving Minds.

The device was perfect for applying to print and digital content, allowing the theme to be seamlessly communicated throughout the event, from pre event communications to onsite stage dressing.

Event communication

Pre event communication is a very important step when organising this type of event, it allows the team to communicate the objectives of the meeting, provide important information and the agenda, while providing the opportunity to engage the delegate and get them to participle in the proceedings.

Using the overall concept, we designed and produces a series of e-communitations sent to the delegates prior to the event. The imagery depicted multiple objects in one illustration and delegates were asked respond in an online form, with the first image they saw. The responses were collated and became part of the opening presentation.

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Event Stage set and room dressing

For the event we worked closely with our AV team to design, produce and deliver a dynamic stage set and room dressing. Continuing with the imagery of multiple objects within one single illustration used in the pre event communication, we produced large scale drapes within the room to engage with the team as part of the proceedings.

During the event, we had to turnaround the main room very quickly for the perpetration of the Gala Evening. To provide maximum impact we designed a series of LED and moving lighting fixtures and created a stage backdrop which featured an interchangeable graphic panel, this enables the team to significantly change the stage dressing within the tight 2 hour turn around. This allowed us to create the impression the Gala Evening was being held in an entirely different venue.

Multimedia design and production 

To assist the speaker and generate the right kind of atmosphere, we produced a vibrant animation which outlined the key aspirations for the event and desired direction for the year ahead. This kicked off the meeting and set the tone for the day. Throughout the event, in addition to running the show we worked with the organisers to engage the delegates and provided a record of the event through photography and filming. This included filming a series of excellent one minute adverts produced and directed by the Ethicon team.

All together the event branding created the correct atmosphere and delivered the desired message for the event. Attention to the little details, thinking through the event logistics and developing logically creative solutions meant that event was enjoyable and beneficial for all the attendees.

“Another successful meeting created by the team, with delegates leaving with a sense of unity and motivation for the year ahead. It was an incredibly exciting project to work on and always nice to see all the elements of the project coming together” Danny Mackay, Head of Digital, Oui3