On the second day of Christmas…Our True Love, Design, gave to us…

On the second day of Christmas…Our True Love, Design, gave to us…


The next generation of X-PERTS are now here at Johnson and Johnson Ethicon Middle East!

Johnson & Johnson Middle East’s Energy Products team were introducing and highlighting a new team of specialists to their established sales force. The select individual skilled members aimed to help energise the sales force, providing best practise – expertise – in the various facets of the business.

Our solution was to cleverly and innovatively explain the skills of the individuals visually.

Taking our cues from comics and the increasing cross cultural reference to super hero stories we proposed the teams individual skills were depicted as super powers, creating a super hero team – the X-PERTS.

Following on from the success of last year’s initial campaign, continuing to work with the project lead (Peter Lane), Oui3 designed and produced the entire X-PERTS 2.0 campaign’s assets, from a launch video and HTML email newsletters to physical promotional items, including bespoke individual desk figures featuring this year’s line up of X-PERTS, along with bespoke thermal mugs featuring each of the X-PERTS 2.0 and X-PERTS branding.

To align to our comic booked inspired creative concept, Oui3 recommissioned the illustrative skills of Mike Giblin to expertly capture the likeness of the new team.