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Johnson & Johnson Middle East’s energy team were introducing a new team of specialists to their established sales force. The select individual skilled members aimed to help energise the sales force.

They wanted to explain the skills of the individuals and how having them onboard would help to achieve the teams objectives, while engaging the sales force, getting them to buy into the change.



Taking our cues from the Marvel comics and the increasing cross cultural reference to the super hero stories we proposed the teams individual skills were depicted as super powers, creating a super hero team – the X-PERTS.

We created a super hero identity and to bring the team to life, commissioned renowned caricature artist Mike Giblin to create their super hero alter egos. Working with the clients direction, we steered the creation of the teams look to reflect not only their super powers but also their individual personality.


Everyone has an X-PERT inside them

At the X-PERTS launch event the sales force were provided with pin badges and vinyl stickers depicting the super hero team logo, while large promotional cut outs of the team dressed the room.

To kick off the event we created a short animation to explain the need for the X-PERTS and their individual skill sets through a digital comic book.


… as the movie drew to a close, the X-PERTS took to the stage bursting open their shirts to reveal their X-PERTS branded t-shirts, transforming them into their super hero alter egos.

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