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Celebrating 130 Years of Innovation

Working with the Ethicon EMEA team, Oui3 were commissioned to create a solution to celebrate Ethicon’s 130 Years of Innovation. Our overarching concept was to create a museum installation, where visitors could view innovative products from Ethicon’s heritage. With their 130 years spanning three centuries, we created three pods for the three centuries sourcing and creating interior decor of the eras. The three pods were aligned in row, so that as visitors entered the room they could see through the centuries as though looking through a time tunnel.


The 19th Century pod featured a typical of the period, wood panelled walls with a solid wooden door, along with an ornate persian style carpet flooring. Given the time period, we proposed producing ‘paintings’ of products and Ethicon literature presenting them as framed artwork on the wood panel wall. Typographically we utilised a 19th century inspired decorative typeface for the messaging and start of the Ethicon story.

For the 20th Century pod interior we chose to focus on the 1960s era, to allow us to propose a vibrant graphic wall paper reminiscent of the era, with a shag pile carpet flooring. The typography within the 20th Century pod evolves to a sans serif font of the era.

Within the 21st Century pod we went for a clean minimal, modern backdrop with slate effect walls and floor. For the door we used a stainless steel lift, with the desire for this to convey the upwards and onwards continuation of Ethicon into the future.


We sought to expand our creative concept beyond the Ethicon Suture Museum. We wanted to create intrigue and interest in the Museum throughout the event, straight from the start of the event, as delegates received their welcome packs, they found a ticket to the Museum, designed by Oui3 in a style reminiscent of vintage exhibition tickets. 

Throughout the venue portable pull up doors, featuring direction arrows set in the style of typography from the 3 centuries, were produced to provide further intrigue and assistance in directing visitors to the Museum. At the entrance of the Museum we produced an animated video sequence of the 3 periods walls and doors, with the doors opening to reveal the 130 years of Innovation logo.


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