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Face Failure

Working with the EMEA team, Oui3 were commissioned to create a phased campaign across multiple social media platforms and exhibition installations to highlight the Alere Triage MeterPro, a rapid diagnosis test for heart failure.

Our creative concept was to empower both patients and surgeons, along with the Alere sales team: Face Failure.

The overarching campaign message was a play on words and abbreviation of the desire by Alere, patients, family members and HCPs to tackle this disease state head on – to face (heart) failure at an early stage – and win.


On first viewing the campaign message may seem negative. It is, in fact, the complete opposite. It is about standing up, being brave and facing your worst fears. In essence, it is a positive call to action for all parties involved to tackle heart failure now with rapid, early diagnosis.
We wanted to interact with the audience, to make them take that ‘second look’ at the message, to understand the emotive quality of the statement and understand that everyone involved, from HCP to patient is seeking the same goal – to “Face Failure”

Throughout the social media campaign, the hash tag #facefailure was utilised to provide a consistent reference to all materials generated and created for Alere’s heart failure information on social media.

We commissioned videography and photography of actors to portray the key stakeholders, explaining their facing of heart failure as a patient, family member, healthcare professional or Alere representative, with an emotional viewpoint and positive outcome.

Throughout the multi lingual multimedia; offline and online videos, animated GIFs, booth graphics etc. along with focussing on the key stakeholders, we consistently highlighted, simply and quickly, the key attributes of the Alere Triage MeterPro solution.


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