The shape of things to come

The shape of things to come

On the 5th May 2015 Ethicon introduced their new product – the ETHICON PHYSIOMESH™ Open Flexible Composite Mesh Device, a revolutionary product in open ventral hernia repair. Oui3 were proud to be the creative partners for the launch of this innovative device.

Intended, in the first instance, as an internal launch to introduce the product, features and benefits to the sales team. The creative concept and brand message has subsequently become an external campaign, complementing the sales efforts and re-enforcing the Ethicon brand message ‘Shaping the future of surgery’

We developed our launch around the concept message ‘The shape of things to come in Open Hernia Repair’ creating a key line brand marque to provide a visual representation of the unique product shape.

Prior to the launch a ‘hexagonal fold out’ invitation was send to invited guests. The six page invitations, which has now become part of the products promotional material along with a ‘post-it’ style note pad, was created in the shape of the PHYSIOMESH™ Open device with the mesh texture of the product represented through printing. The promotional material highlights the key aspects and benefits of the device and intends to re-enforce the brand message.

From the room dressing which consisted of six wide format banners strategically placed in the venue to represent the device shape, to the introductory video which was shown before the product was unveiled to create the ‘wow’ factor, our concept and delivery intended to highlight the shape and evolution of the product and what the device represented for Ethicon’s over all intention of ‘Shaping the Future of Surgery’.

To assist the sales team, we developed a mobile solution to provide a ‘one stop’ resource allowing the team to deliver videos, clinical papers, promotional literature and associated resources pertaining to the product. This tool can also be updated remotely with new resources, ensuring the sales team always have the latest information.

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