Record breaking Burns Night for McIntosh

Record breaking Burns Night for McIntosh

McIntosh of Strathmore gets record-breaking results from their first Burns Supper campaign.

Oui3 have helped to develop and deliver beloved Scottish brand McIntosh of Strathmore’s, first ever Burns Supper campaign, which has more than exceeded expected results.


The Brief:

To develop a marketing campaign, leading with the brand packaging, which communicates the ease and speed of McIntosh meals to provide a perfect Burns Supper and position McIntosh as market leaders for convenient Burns supper meals.

The campaign creative had to provide unique stand out quality for the special edition 860g packaging, which could be replicated on the standard packaging and campaign communication without losing brand recognition.


The solution:

Beginning with the creation of bespoke, tongue and cheek, Burns style poems, we developed the campaign ‘Poetry in a Pack’, leading with the 860g burns supper. Taking the bold move to change the packaging from the brands iconic yellow to an elegant and striking black, which aimed to provide an unmistakable shelve presence and capture the consumer’s attention.

The brand marque for the campaign incorporated the McIntosh of Strathmore gold and introduced ornate graphics to position it with the traditional Burns Supper celebrations. The poems were printed on the side face of the pack using a typeface which depicts a hand written manuscript. This was applied to the single serving packs with a flash of the black and gold to tie the whole campaign packaging together.

Working with the client and Bauer radio, the campaign communication rolled out across radio and digital platforms. We developed an integrated digital and social media campaign leading with animated social advertising that highlighted the key message ‘Burns night made easy for everyone’. To encourage consumer interaction with the campaign, a competition was developed encouraging people to try their hand at writing their own poem, in the McIntosh style. This was launched through email marketing and social media channels.


The outcomes:


Sales of the special edition 860g pack far exceeded predictions, with an emergency print run of packaging having to be ordered to prevent the product running out before Burns night. Overall, sales of the McIntosh Haggis, Tatties and Neeps range outstripped the target for the season, with January 2016 having the highest ever-recorded sales of the core range.

The campaign saw an increase in social activities. With 24% more Facebook likes resulting from the advertising and promotional activity, as well as 38 competition entries from amateurs and professionals alike.

Sarah Tillie, Marketing Executive at McIntosh of Strathmore said ‘ we are extremely delighted with the campaign results. As our first Burns campaign we wanted to test the market with the striking change to our packaging and over all campaign communication.’

‘Changing our packaging from our instantly recognisable yellow to black was a bold move for McIntosh. But one, through Oui3’s campaign concepts and packaging design, we knew our customers would really get behind and embrace, which definitely shows in the campaign results.’

‘Overall the campaign has been an amazing success and one we will look to develop further for next year’