Making a Big Splash with EnjoyLeisure

Making a Big Splash with EnjoyLeisure

Kids in East Lothian will soon be able to take their swimming skills to the next level. In September EnjoyLeisure will launch their new Scottish Swimming lessons programme. To help create interest and drive membership uptake EnjoyLeisure asked us to create a big splash across the region.

Our task was twofold. Create a brand identity which appealed to parents and guardians but also was also inspirational for young kids and teenagers. Additionally we wanted to increase membership retention across a number of years, encouraging kids to go beyond the basics.

We concluded that we had to encourage kids to Get In The Swim. Both in the sense of a pool but also joining a programme that would help to develop their skills and confidence.

Get In The Swim has been rolled-out through a number of marketing elements. Information leaflets and membership brochures for parents, on-site media displays in key locations, branding of EnjoyLeisure’s online presence and branded giveaway’s for members including swim-bags and personalised membership cards

Feedback so far has been hugely positive with staff commenting on the quality of the . The campaign is on-going and we look forward to further successes with the Get In The Swim programme.