Johnson & Johnson TMEA Dubai

Sales conferences are key events in a sales forces calendar, they provide an opportunity to celebrate the year’s achievement and energise the sales force the year ahead. The TMEA group is an organisation covering a wide range of nationalities so it was necessary for them to have a multi-location event.

We provided a complete solution from designing and creating the event brand, through to organising all activities, including the Gala evening, at the event. The brand was designed to graphically reflect the various national flag colours, uniting them into a fluid dynamic device that was presented both digitally and in print throughout.

Having worked with the TMEA teams for a number of years, we have an understanding of their passions and personalities. We used this knowledge and experience to produce pre event communication, motion graphics and an interactive opening session. This featured team photographs, supplied by the delegates along with a movie sequence featuring favourite phrases from all the team.

Within the main tent we produced tiles featuring the vibrant colour blocks from the event brand. These were put on all the seats for the opening session. At the appointed time during the opening session all of the delegates raised these above their heads to become the brand – One TMEA.

This was a three day event which involved sessions relating to different regions within TMEA, along with Business Unit sessions, we developed as series of dynamic stage sets within the event brand to create a unified individuality to all the sessions.

The Gala event which took place at the Dubai location was a chance to celebrate the years and took the form off an awards ceremony. We produced a short annual review highlighting popular culture and achievements within the regions and business units. To introduce each award and winner we produced punchy AV stings to, this aimed to ‘big up’ each award and make the award winners feel like the stars they are.

While these events took place in three locations we utilised webex and conference calls to liaise with local AV teams in Turkey and South Africa to manage the overall project and control the build of the stage sets at each location.