Johnson & Johnson Colorectal External Brand

Johnson & Johnson Colorectal External Brand

Leading the fight against colorectal cancer is key – and, Johnson & Johnson, through Ethicon Products, are continually shaping the future of surgery.

The external brand, designed and developed by Oui3 is designed to evoke various facets of their approach and focus.

Johnson & Johnson’s vast range of products and services, aimed at tackling this aggressive form of cancer are being actively promoted to all stakeholders; from surgeons, to buyers to patients.

The brand name, Colorectal Next, evokes their constant strive forward with new and innovative medical devices and professional training to deliver the optimal surgical outcomes for their patients.

The multitude of individuals and teams involved in moving the technology, communication and process forwards – and upwards, are conveyed through the dots within the device, with the palette designed to represent the spectrum of these key stakeholders.

The dynamic nature of the device lends itself well to animated depictions on social media channels and multimedia platforms, along with reverse out application.