Flexible working – communicating policy change

A change to the flexible working policy presented a unique challenge for the HR Department, how do you engage and empower staff with a knowledge and understanding of the parameters of this policy, so they know their rights and responsibilities?

Working with Hannah Parnham, Oui3 planned and developed a campaign to help illustrate the changes and the affects on working practice. This aimed to empower staff through the creation of campaign assets which provided clear examples to illustrate the best course of action to take in any situation affected by the new policy.

A comprehensive brand marque was designed to unite the campaign assets and illustrate the core working hours contacted within the policy. While an interactive Q&A PDF disseminated through an internal email campaign provided an opportunity to empower employees with the tools to make the right decisions.

The key features of the policy were delivered to staff in a campaign launch presentation which assigned case studies to illustrate the situations which may arise and how this may be affected by the flexible working policy, highlighting the steps that should be taken.