Express Fresh Fish – Brand and e-commerce solution

Express Fresh Fish – Brand and e-commerce solution

Oui3 recently launched Express Fresh Fish, the online retail brand for Aberdeen based fish producer J Charles.


J Charles has been well respected in the fishing industry for over 70 years, with a main focus on developing and maintaining a sustainable fishing industry.


They found that customers would travel from all over the UK to purchase fish from their Aberdeen Shop and wanted to provide them with a convenient 24/7 ordering system. Helping to extend J Charles’ reach, by allowing retail and commercial customers the ability to have fresh fish delivered directly to them.


In their busy factory, which distributes orders daily, both nationally and internationally, the solution not only needed to represent their brand aspiration but also provide an e-commerce platform, which worked seamlessly with their internal systems.


The Solution:

Developing the brand ‘Express Fresh Fish’ for J Charles’ digital presence allowed us to provide a distinct consumer solution. The brand marque represents the speed and convenience of the service, which is replicated in the brands digital presence.


With it’s responsive design and Facebook in page store, offers an effective user experience, allowing customers a convenient way to order their fresh, home delivered, seafood products anytime, anyplace and on any devise.


In our visual design we are keen to highlight the freshness of Express Fresh Fish’s product and the importance of the sustainable supply chain. We documented the products journey from fishing boat to prepared product through commissioned photography and embedded site videos.


To provide visitors with the traditional fishmonger association, the website featured product photography of the fresh seafood along with a digital depiction of a fishmongers chalkboard, where the client can display their daily specials.


To further entice customer to try new something new, each fish product features a hand selected, simple to follow recipe to show them the possibilities of each product.