oui3 in motion

Danny Mackay

Danny is the Managing Director of Oui3 Design.

With over 20 years of experience in brand communication, Danny brings a wealth of experience in both print and digital brand communication.

Danny has a high level of skills with motion graphics and interactive multimedia content; from offline interactive resources to web based and App based solutions.

“I am always looking a new communication channels and solutions to ensure we can offer the most engaging communication assets and resources for our clients”

M: +44 (0)7859 972808
D: +44 (0)1875 616 927

E: danny.mackay@oui3design.com


The Sustainability Conversation is a huge opportunity – beyond the pack!

Schur Flexibles has the potential, with it’s in-house brand communication team, to differentiate from competition, to engage customers, to innovate and to lead – to ultimately change the conversation; from supplier to partner.

The AR model sample (accessible on iOS devices – iPhone and iPad) provides a sample of the way that, working with Oui3, we can create interactive, 3D models of packaging – featuring branding from supplied customer assets or bespoke creativity. The solution will allow Schur Flexibles to quickly and dynamically allow customers to ‘see’ and interact with their packaging in a speedy, cost effective and environmentally less impactful way.

Click here to view on either iPhone or iPad