Top spot, Oui3 and UNI UK are announced best in show winners

Top spot, Oui3 and UNI UK are announced best in show winners

Oui3 and UNI UK were announced as the winners of the coveted prestige Helio print award 2015.

Our branding and packaging for Highland Smoked Salmon’s The Inverlochy Vintage was the winner of the best in show at the 2015’s Pro Helio awards.

In conjunction with UNI UK, Oui3 were commissioned to develop a brand for Highland Smoked Salmon’s premium product to build providence, promote the quality production and location values. The Packaging material needed to provide an outstanding finish with arresting visual impact.

Our Head of Design Derek Richie said ‘We combined the black background with ghosted oak leaves to provide flavour cues of the product and used the atmospheric landscape image and an introduction of a tartan band to tie in the inherent Scottish values of the product’

‘We chose the gravure printing process to provide the best quality finish for the design. The process helps to bring out the blacks and gold accents in the packaging which contributed to building the stand out quality of the product finish’

Gary Haston our Managing Director added ‘Being recognised for not only our design but the entire branding and packaging process for The Inverlochy Vintage brand is fantastic for the whole team involved in the project. Complementing the design with the choice of packaging and printing process is an added value service we pride ourselves on as design and packaging experts.’