ARC Sales Aids

Working with Mark Ayers and Lars Fuchte we created a ‘puzzle based’ solution to address the wide ranging portfolio of products offered by Ethicon EMEA. Each product within the Ethicon portfolio was allocated an individual ‘puzzle’ identity with its relevant references being aligned to this individual document.

Individual Sales Aids can then be collated, using unique referencing for individualised puzzle pieces –  content consistency for each product is ensured across the publications, by referring to a single puzzle piece for each product.

Through the solution we are able to collate targeted ARC Sales Aids pertaining to different surgical specialities. These Sales Aids were converted  into interactive publications that can be disseminated on tablet and PCs.

Through this solution, we can generate individual puzzle pieces as and when new products come into the pipeline. These will be inserted into the relevant Sales Aids to ensure the Ethicon Sales Force have the latest product portfolios.

Subsequent to the EMEA editions, we are currently working with the French team to produce French language versions of the ARC Sales Aids.