ARC Branding and Marketing

Working closely with Zeb Viana and the leadership team, we developed the brand design and messaging for ARC – the new conversation.

Given the broad spectrum of stakeholders over various countries and languages, the desire was to create a brand device that visually communicated the new complete solution provider concept. Working in tandem with the Ethicon brand communication team, we developed the concentric circle device.

Each circular layer visually represents each stage of a procedure, from Access, to Repair, to Closure. The layers of the device further illustrated the stages of the procedure. Access appears graphically on the exterior of the device, Repair appears as a depiction of repairing the circle element and Closure the completed circle device in the core; Achieving Ethicon’s ultimate desire of improving patient outcomes.

Through a series of team calls and project meetings, we distilled the change in ‘go to market’ approach to a succinct statement – The New Conversation.

This statement is the cornerstone of the campaign initiative, with visual styling designed to reflect conversations [around ARC] – both internally and externally.

To launch the new ‘go to market’ approach we were commissioned to design and produce the internal launch event. We also played an integral part in the choice of location for the launch event – BARCelona.

Before the event we produced a series of email teasers sent to the invited delegates, to enthuse and energise the team. The communications provided delegates with a link to an event microsite where they could register for the event and receive up-to-date agenda details. The registration information was then held on a secure online solution, this allowed us to share delegate numbers with the client and the event organisers to ensure all the logistics ran smoothly.

As this was a vastly different business model for Ethicon, we wanted to create a stage set which completely reset the standard format. Following the circular device, our solution was to produce a circular stage with a three screen projection system displaying presentations and content to three tiers of audience.

To complement the ARC brand, the seating featured three variations of seat cover which rippled tonally away from the stage in rows.

Throughout the venue we produced a series of self-supporting graphic panels, featuring the various stakeholder conversations.

  • Ethicon Leadership in conversation with colleagues
  • Ethicon Key Account Managers in conversation with colleagues
  • Ethicon employees in conversation with Surgeons
  • Medical professionals in conversation with patients.

To market the ARC brand we produced quality note pads, featuring foil block printing. These were given to each delegate as part of their registration and have been recommissioned at further ARC events.

We felt it was important for each delegate to become part of the ARC initiative. We produced a circular pin badge which was handed to each delegate by the Ethicon project lead, Zeb Viana, at the end of the event. The pin badges have now been embraced at local and regional ARC events as part of the presentations.

To build team enthusiasm and energy, evening events were held as part of the conference. For one of the evening events, we hired a local night club on the shore front. Following discussions with the venue owner we were able to access to the venues projection system, where we produced a series of dynamic visual sequences that played throughout the evening as the party progressed.

We have, following the initial ARC branding and implementation, become integral in the development of Ethicon ARC interactive literature and further ARC events.